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IHS Handling Solutions are a company who have been formed as a result of the dis-attachment of many old high-street chains, or disillusioned office workers, who were part of other bigger commercial stores. Forming IHS Handling Solutions was a joy to do, as all of the initial employees shared similar viewpoints and opinions on how home entertainment should be sold to consumers.



The second-hand division of our business involves us working within many local communities, and it is extremely rewarding to be able to do so. We have been introduced to many new people, with a range of passions and interests and discussing these with them always produces a positive emotion. We hold workshops at many local community centres and enjoy presenting our brand to people everywhere. Why not look out for a workshop in your area?

Formed over 10 years ago, IHS Handling Solutions have stores all across the UK, but we are always looking at expanding our operations to wider areas. If you are interested in joining IHS Handling Solutions, you must meet the high standards that we expect from all of our employees. We would love to hear from about joining an established branch, or setting up your own (if the area that you live in does not appear on our list of branches).

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